Arrowhead Museum

6.5 In. Tallahatta Pickwick found in Choctaw Co., AL

Tallahatta quartzite Point found by Rex Anderson
near Meridian, MS.  Possible Osceola

Clovis Cache
Central Texas

4 In. Abbey of brown patinated Tallahatta Quartzite found in South Alabama near Mobile.

6.5 In. Dalton made of Ouchita quartzite found in Arkansas.

8.75 In. Ceremonial San Saba found in Texas.

6 In. Turkey Tail Point

Great flaking on this 6 In. Holland from Arkansas.

Awesome Plainview point found in Texas.

A handful-Marion Point found in Florida

Bull Tongue Simpson found in Florida

Hillsboro made of Coral found in Florida.

This large Clovis point was discovered in April, 1988 during the excavation of the East Wenatchee Clovis site. The site is located in central Washington in Douglas County. It was found laying next to three other large fluted Clovis points at the edge of an ancient pit that contained more than 60 stone and bone Clovis culture artifacts. It's believed that this Clovis point has been resharpened one or more times. This point is made of a very pure, translucent clear to white agate that may have been quarried from outcrops among Columbia River basalts east of the archaeological site. It measures 5 5/8 inches (22 cm) long, 2 9/16 inches (6.6 cm) wide and 1/2 inch (1.2 cm) thick.

This Cumberland point was found in Colbert County, Alabama by Bob Lacks in 1963 and is one of the best examples for this point type ever found. It was discovered eroding out of a yellow-brown clay bank approximately six feet below ground level.

Stone Pipe Bowl Find - Lauderdale, CO., MS

Huge Castroville found in Texas.

Ceremonial Hopewell Ross Blade

Clovis from Green Co., Arkansas
Awesome Color

Monster Benton Blade

A Very Big and BAD 7 Ft. Eastern Diamond Back Rattler.
Big 5 In. Mulberry Creek from Lauderdal Co., AL

A Large 6.75 In. Thonotasassa from Ray Vaughn Collection
  The Next 6 points are from a major Benton Cache.

Benton Blade 9 Inches found in TN

 Texas Darl

The Dream Cache
Paleo Knife Blade 5.5 In. Found Northern Florida

7.5 In. Benton Point Found North Florida
Clovis Biface made of Hixson Quartzite
Found Arkansas

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