Record Clovis Point Found In Kentucky

   The Incredible New Find. A record Clovis Point 9.75 In. x 2.75 In.
  An amazing and very, very rare find by Darrel Higgins in
  Kentucky. These massive size points from various cultures are
  the elusive giants that remain yet to be found. You have to
  believe.  They are out there !

So what's up with this point. Many are saying that this is not a real point or that they have doubts about it's authenticity. It has been authenticated by Tom Davis who is a well known point expert.  A point of this caliber should have double or triple authentications and that would lay aside all douts from the beginning.  As a point hunter and collector, we often find points in creeks that are pristine and look like they were just made.  This one was obviously made by a master and the sheer size will spark a lot of doubters out of jealously, if nothing else.

Here are some articles on the find and some opinions. Enjoy the read and send me your thoughts.

    Before It's Article on Clovis Find
   Discussion Link on this find
    Archaeology Daily News Story on Higgins Clovis

   So, what do you think.  Is it real ?

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